Our Caregivers are committed to...

1. Professionalism

2. Consistency – Giving each client the same high level of care they deserve.

3. Integrity— Honesty and reliability.

4. Compassion—putting the client’s interests and needs first.

5. Quality Training—Continual training that promotes confidence with the clients of A&B Homecare Solutions, LLC.

 6. Safety – We ensure each and every client’s safety comes first in every duty performed, and we follow the Safety Guidelines as outlined in our training manual.

Our goal is to provide professional, reliable and trustworthy caregivers. With our extensive screening methods and unique business practices, we are able to retain the best quality caregivers to assist you with your home care needs.

 Safety and security in your home are of utmost importance to you and to us. We are committed to making sure that we know the caregiver well that is coming to your home to care for you.

 To achieve this goal, we use the following screening techniques to verify the credentials of all caregivers provided through our agency.


  • Social Security numbers verified by the Social Security Administration
  •  National Criminal Background check with one of the world's leading provider of security information.
  • Verification of valid driver's license.
  • Verify health care licensing and certification through the State of Connecticut.
  • Review of Connecticut Public Health Regulatory Action Report. 
    (Listing of licensing and certification infractions and violation.)
  • Mandatory face-to-face interview.
  • Per CT law, screening through the sex offender registry.
  • References from three previous employers.
  • Photograph of the caregiver for our database.